DAY 2 /// 26 MARCH

08:15 - Registration and coffee

09:00 - Introduction by the chairman

Chairman: Stefano Cruccu /// Project Manager - Solarplaza

09:10 - Appropriate data and performance analysis

•    The most common errors in data and performance analysis of PV plants
•    Criteria for selecting the correct testing and data analysis method
•    How the right performance analysis contributes to higher plant revenues



Tom Tansy /// Chairman - SunSpec Alliance

09:30 - Options for monitoring plant performance (panel and plenary discussion)

•    The role of monitoring in efficient O&M of PV plants
•    Leading monitoring providers explaining their solutions
•    Concrete business cases and the financial impact of different types of monitoring


Rémy Tasse /// Director - SynaptiQ

Murad Can /// Vice President Customer Operations; Global Sales & Services - skytron energy

Robert Schaefer /// CEO - AlsoEnergy

10:05 - Investor requirements and standardization of O&M 

•    Overview of current situation
•    Standard service level agreements
•    The need for standardization of performance data flows
•    Current research and developments on standardization of O&M


Tim Keating /// Alliance Development Director - SunSpec Alliance

 10:20 - How to make the marketplace for O&M services more efficient and competitive through the development of standards  (panel discussion)

Tim Keating /// Alliance Development Director - SunSpec Alliance

Andrew Walker /// Principal Engineer - NREL

Rue Phillips /// CEO - True South Renewables

10:45 - Coffee break

11:30 - Curtailment for PV plants

•    Criteria and situations where curtailment is obliged
•    How do utilities create a market environment that is more conducive to economic renewables curtailment
•    When day-time economic curtailment of solar resources becomes an issue
•    Future outlook: how will curtailment (regulation) change and what will be the impact of this

Eric Whitley /// President - Grid SME

 12:00 - Grid integration issues (panel discussion)

•    Power, voltage, and frequency regulation
•    Outage scheduling and downtime minimization
•    NERC compliance rules that apply
•    What can be learned from pilot projects on PV integration and large-scale storage


Clyde Loutan /// Senior Advisor - California ISO

Thomas Snowdon /// Business Development Manager - Emerson

Eric Whitley /// President - Grid SME

12:40 - Increasing plant performance

•    Concrete case studies of re-engineering, revamping, and upgrading of PV plants
•    Methodology used
•    Measuring and evaluating the outcome of taken actions 
•    Additional technologies for further performance increase


Vassilis Papaeconomou /// Managing Director - Alectris

13:00 - Networking lunch

14:00 - Drafting the O&M contract, warranty management, and insurance claims

•    Current price structures of O&M contracts
•    Availability and production guarantees
•    Consequences of breach and liability provisions
•    Facts and figures from O&M-related warranty and insurance claims


Matt Archer /// Partner - Mc Dermott Will & Emery

14:20 - Discussion on the legal O&M issues (panel and plenary discussion)

•    Current (developments in) price structures of O&M and asset management contracts
•    Benefits of opportunities for re-insuring the O&M contract
•    Experiences with coordinating the O&M contract with requirements of other project stakeholders

Dirk Michels /// Partner - K&L Gates LLP

Stefan Szulc /// Senior VP, Marsh Risk & Insurance Services

Matt Archer /// Partner, Mc Dermott, Will & Emery

14:40 - Budgeting of O&M and different types of SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

•    The variables influencing extent and costs of O&M
•    Costs differences per type of SLA 
•    Availability and performance guarantees
•    Prioritization, strategies, and approaches


Edmee Kelsey /// CEO - 3megawatt

Kevin Lang /// Director of Solar Generation - Leidos Engineering

Andrew Griffiths /// Sr. Dir. Asset Management - Recurrent Energy

15:05 - In-house vs. outsourcing O&M (panel and plenary discussion)

•    The experiences of a plant owner
•    Pros and cons of both approaches
•    Considerations and strategic motivations for both approaches


Chad Sachs /// CEO - Radian Generation

Chris Lambert /// Global Commercial Manager O&M - First Solar

Vassilis Papaeconomou /// Managing Director - Alectris

15:30 - End of the event with networking drinks