Last week of March marked the 4th annual Solar Asset Management conference organized by Solarplaza and held at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco.  Many of the most active asset owners, project developers, EPCs, developers, and monitoring and data analytic companies attended.

My biggest take-a-way from the show was that the US solar industry continues to be on a path of growth, and we are now entering the maturation phase where project performance details, strategic maintenance, smart asset management, and accurate irradiance monitoring are of utmost importance.  Project financiers are extremely comfortable with this asset class; and optimizing performance is next on the list to tackle.  


I talked with several of Kipp & Zonen’s largest customers, as well as many new potential customers. The discussions focused on ways that our company can better support our customers with new commercial arrangements and new product development.  We discussed the new RaZON+ hub for solar monitoring products, as well as the benefits of moving towards smart sensors and the Kipp & Zonen SMP product series.

Reduce monitoring cost with RaZON+

Last year, Kipp & Zonen launched our new RaZON+ as a unique hub for solar monitoring.  The goal of the product is to substantially reduce overall monitoring cost, while at the same time improving smart features and user-friendliness.

•    DNI measurement with impressive accuracy
•    ALL-IN-ONE system including a pyrheliometer, pyranometer and data logger
•    Designed for remote locations and resistant to soiling
•    User-friendly from installation to operation, to maintenance

RaZON+ has minimal operating costs thanks to new, innovative sensor technology, including: a new smart pyrheliometer with anti-soiling design, a new smart pyranometer with quartz di¬ffuser technology and a maintenance free gear drive sun tracker. 

Fast and smart sensors: Pyranometers

Another theme of the conference discussions with customers was the benefits of moving towards smart sensors. The CMP pyranometer product line has always been the ‘work horse’ for Kipp & Zonen; however, we are starting to see a movement towards the SMP series.  

The SMP product line includes a micro-processor, memory and firmware that make the sensors faster and smarter, opening new avenues for integrators to reduce cost and improve effectiveness. The SMP Modbus® interfaces directly to RTU’s, PLC’s, SCADA systems, industrial networks and controllers.  Smart instruments are addressable, and up to 247 units can be connected to a single network. The measurement data is updated every second and the user can access the irradiance, the type and serial number, instrument settings, full calibration history, status information, and more. The digital signal avoids all the issues of analogue-to-digital conversion performance that arise with many industrial data loggers and input modules, preserving the accuracy of the pyranometer’s 24-bit differential input ADC.

Infographic: Solutions for Solar Energy by Kipp & Zonen
We have collected some facts and figures and created an informative infographic. It summarizes the solutions we offer for solar energy and the experience we have in the US. Click here to download the infographic and see all the benefits of working with Kipp & Zonen.

Download our new infographic

Keith Gossman, General Manager Kipp & Zonen.

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