Solar Asset Management is a vital part of the global solar industry. An essential element that is paramount to the solar industry's growth and maturity. We aim to be at the core of that movement: bringing the right people together and transferring knowledge.

Solarplaza has been focusing on and developing this topic since our first Solar Operations & Maintenance conference in 2013. By now our Solar Asset Management conference series is established as the leading event on the topic across 4 continents. With a track record of 10 events organized, and another 4 lined up for next year, we felt it was time to give the event series a face and feel of its own.

Solar Asset Management Event Track Record

  • In Europe since 2012 -> 4th edition in Milan

  • In North America since 2013 -> 3 editions in San Francisco

  • In Asia since 2015 -> 2 editions in Tokyo

  • In Latin America since 2016 ->1 edition in Santiago

We were looking for a strong visual statement, modern and conceptual. The end-result is what we - internally - like to refer to as 'The Maze'.

It's abstract form, open to many interpretations, which is our favourite part of it. Already it has garnered a multitude of interpretations and stories.

Some have interpreted as a radiating SUN; a PULSE; a DROP rippling the surface; a MAZE representing the complicated landscapes we navigate; a STAGE surrounded by actors and stakeholders; a BROADCAST of knowledge. Anyone who sees it forms their own associations.

But the one common denominator is DYNAMIC. A dynamic logo for a dynamic industry.

We hope you will continue to be a part of that together with us!