The Solar Asset Management conference series is a global range of events fully dedicated to Operations & Maintenance, Asset Management and all other technical and financial topics in the operational phase of solar plants and portfolios.

With highly successful editions in North America, Europe and Asia, the series is establishing an important position around the world, following the maturation of international Solar Markets. 

Solar Asset Management Event Timeline

Solar O&M Europe 2013

Solar O&M North America 2014

Solar O&M Europe 2014


Solar Asset Management North America 2015

Solar Asset Management Asia 2015

Solar Asset Management Europe 2015

Solar Asset Management North America 2015
Learn more about Solar Asset Management North America 2015 by downloading the Post-Show Report.

Attending Companies
Participant Testimonials
Director of Business Development

"The Solar Asset Management North America conference is a well-run program with rich content and networking opportunities. For any company that is serious about managing solar assets, this conference is a must”
Asset Manager

“SAMNA is the mechanism facilitating necessary conversations between financiers, developers, and service providers resulting in defined pathways for more realistic project expectations, smoother project development, and clearer communication between all involved in the life cycle of a solar energy facility."
Sun System Technology
Energy & Construction Practice Leader

"It is an invaluable place to get the leaders in the industry in a single place to share and collaborate on taking the industry to the next level”
Owen Dunn

"A gathering of the key players in the Solar Asset Management space, developing relationships and reviewing historical progress, as well as predicting future progress for the industry as a whole”
Sun up
Services Director

“Terrific opportunity to learn and to get to meet all key decision makers of the industry”
Schneider Electric
International Business Development

“SAM NA has been a perfect place to meet quickly people that matter in the solar value chain for O&M, AM, IPP, UTILITIES"
Sun Sniffer
Director of Account Development

"A very focused event, well organized and well attended”
Managing Director

“If you are involved in PV asset management or O&M in North America, you cannot afford to miss this event”

Vice President

“This is a great forum for leaders in solar asset management to share ideas, best practices, and challenges"
Radian Generation

“Best industry event for solar asset management"
2015 Sponsors
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Solar O&M North America 2014