Program Outline - Day 1

Session 1
• Opening by conference Chairman
• The PV Yield End Game: Maximizing Solar Asset Value
• Looking at the operational PV landscape through the lenses of financial investors

Session 2A

• Turning Data into Knowledge: Leveraging SCADA data to maximize performance of a growing solar fleet
• Advanced data analytics and predictive maintenance

Session 2B

• Solar Lendscape: Capital Markets in 2019
• Bank Asset Management 101

Session 2C

• Community Solar opportunities and associated Asset Management complexities
• Residential Solar PV Innovations to ensure competitiveness

Session 3A

• Integrating Aerial Inspections into O&M activities
• Insourcing vs. Outsourcing of Drone Operations

Session 3B

• Real value of adding storage into projects and portfolios
• PV+Storage Planning and Operations

Session 3C

• A deep dive into upstream PV industry
• Unpacking Bifacial’s true potential: Beyond test results
Session 4
• Effects of consolidation in the Solar PV landscape
• Value of Automation in an Era of Diminishing Marginal Returns
• Tell your solar horror stories


Program Outline - Day 2

Session 5
• Opening by Conference Chairman
• Turning the tide of value deflation: the importance of innovation and Asset Management excellence in driving solar profitability
• The opposing forces of vertical integration and disintegration in O&M and AM landscape

Session 6A

• Science or fiction: How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning can maximize solar assets’ performance
• How Cypress Creek Renewables Standardized Operations Across its 2.5 GW Portfolio

Session 6B

• Repowering: seeking the competitive market edge
• Repowering Case Studies

Session 6C

• M&A Strategies
• A look into the future: Merchant vs. PPAs

Session 7A

• Maintenance best practices and lessons learned
• Soiling: The Dirty Side of O&M

Session 7B

• Disaster Preparedness & Recovery in Solar
• Solar Project Risk Concerns and Solutions

Session 7C

• Nurturing the O&M Relationship: Changing the structure of O&M Agreements to the better benefit of all
• Spare Part Management: Best Practices
Session 8
• Digital Asset Management and O&M – How cloud-based solutions enable enhanced growth and new business models in a hyper-competitive and ever decreasing LCOE environment