On Thursday 30 March, we'll offer two options for a project visit, which have proven to be valuable experiences both in terms of gaining more hands-on knowledge and insights; and excellent informal networking. One group will jump on a bus and head towards the 135MW utility scale Quinto Solar PV plant, while the other group will board a boat towards Alcatraz prison island, to tour the rooftop PV project constructed on top of the cell blocks and the storage system connected to it. Read more about the programs for these visits below.

Project Visit #1: 135MW Quinto Solar PV Plant

On Thursday 30 March we'll visit the 135.6 MWdc Quinto Solar project, located in Los Banos, California, in Merced County. The project covers approximately 1,000 acres of land. Construction on the solar project began mid-July 2014 and was completed June 2015. Quinto Solar provides clean energy to power nearly 40,000 households.

08:00 /// Leave from Grand Hyatt

11:00 /// Arrive onsite & sign-in at the O&M building

11:15 /// Site Introduction (Quinto Basics)
  • • Safety briefing
  • • Site-specific operating characteristics
    - Operations Monitoring & Control
    - Operational Challenges
  • • PPE Handout

11:45 /// O&M Building Tour
  • • Control room
  • • Shop and warehouse

12:00 /// Array Tour
  • • PV Power Blocks (PV Panels – Combiners – Inverter Skids – MV Transmission)
  • • Substation & PG&E Switchyard
  • • Site Overview (subject to Honor Ceremonies)

12:45 /// Q&A (upon return to O&M Building)

13:00 /// Lunch

13:30 /// Departure

Project Visit #2: Alcatraz PV+storage system

On Thursday 30 March, we'll provide a fully arranged project visit to the operating PV + battery storage project on Alcatraz island. The project is a 305kWp PV project, using 8 inverters and 959 modules, installed in 2012. The batteries used are Deka Unigy II batteries, now operating 4 years.

(learn more details about the project by downloading the 2-page case study)

09:00 /// Leave from Grand Hyatt

09:40 /// Assemble the group on Pier 33 and board the (solar) ferry at 9:55

10:20 /// Regroup on the Alcatraz dock, where we'll meet our guide, Jeff Obirek (Facility Manager - National Park Service)

10:30 /// Walk up the prison grounds towards the old cell house, where we'll tour the PV panels on the roof

11:15 /// Head back down the hill for a look inside the battery room

11:55 /// Board boat back to Pier 33

12:15 /// Arrival at Pier 33 in San Francisco and end of the project visit