Meteocontrol is a technological leader and one of the most innovative service providers in the solar energy sector. The company has supported solar projects for more than 30 years. meteocontrol currently has provided independent technical consulting, weather, and energy services for over 34,000 projects totaling 8.5+ GW of capacity and valued at more than $16 Billion.  This foundation of experience and expertise makes meteocontrol a coveted consultancy partner with large-scale national and international projects.


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First Solar is the global leader in photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. With more than 8 gigawatts (GW) installed worldwide, we believe that clean affordable solar electricity is an essential part of the global energy mix.  Our proven energy solutions have diversified the energy portfolio and reduced the risk of fuel-price volatility, while delivering an LCOE that is cost competitive with fossil fuels.
First solar has developed, financed, engineered, constructed, and currently operates many of the world’s largest grid-connected PV power plants in existence. By integrating technologies, services, and expertise across the entire solar value chain, First Solar delivers bankable PV energy solutions that enable a world powered by reliable and affordable solar electricity.


Alectris is a global service provider for the integrated care of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy assets.  Honed in the mature solar market in Europe, the comprehensive suite of Alectris services reduces the risk and delivers maximum financial returns for solar investors and plant owners regardless of site location.  Powered by ACTIS, the company’s proprietary solar asset management and monitoring platform, Alectris provides a full service approach to solar asset protection, including solar operations and maintenance, asset management, check-up and diagnostic, engineering and improvement services.  Performance excellence is the company’s mission, empowering it to re-define O&M and outperform client expectations.



3E is an independent, global consultancy and software company focused on increasing renewable energy installation performance and optimising energy consumption. SynaptiQ, their independent, intelligent, wind / solar PV monitoring and reporting software, can help asset managers and O&M teams be 5 times more efficient in evaluating performance, planning and managing park operations. SynaptiQ is designed for performance optimisation of multi-brand, multi-technology solar portfolios.


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True South™ is a pioneer in operations, maintenance and independent commissioning of large commercial and utility scale solar energy facilities.  A wholly owned subsidiary of Solarrus Corporation, True South (TSR) is a nationwide company and the largest exclusive solar O & M service provider in North America.  TSR empowers system owners with peace of mind by maintaining high system availability, improving energy yields and shielding against impediments to the system’s initial return on investment.  



skytron energy has been developing integrated monitoring, control and supervision systems since 1977.  Now one of the leading suppliers in the industry, specializing in utility-scale and commercial power plants, it has installed monitoring and control systems in more than 600 plants with a total capacity of over 4.5 GWp.  The company’s core competencies are plant condition monitoring, power plant control, remote plant supervision, system migration of existing power plants, operation & maintenance, and PV asset management.  skytron energy is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and has operations in Plano, Texas; Santiago, Chile; Cape Town, South Africa; Bangalore, India; Singapore and Beijing, China.  As a technology leader, skytron energy has received a number of prestigious awards, such as the highly coveted InterSolar Award for the “PVGuard” Supervision Platform and for the “StringGuard” string current measurement system. 



AlsoEnergy offers specialized monitoring solutions for PV systems of all types and sizes, including residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. These fully integrated energy packages include:

·         Proprietary AlsoEnergy monitoring software
·         Comprehensive range of best-in-class monitoring hardware devices
·         Service and support to facilitate system planning, deployment, and maintenance.

Monitoring solutions from AlsoEnergy are versatile and fully customizable to a wide range of specific project needs, including SCADA integration options. The AlsoEnergy monitoring platforms can incorporate data from a variety of Modbus compatible devices, and are currently compatible with over 40 inverter types.



CSD Nano produces MoreSun anti-reflective coating solution which is used to coat installed solar PV modules to increase power output by 3,5+%.


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Radian Generation is an independent solar asset management and advisory firm offering comprehensive asset management services to operating projects including financial asset management, contract administration and compliance, and technical oversight.  RadianGEN is currently under contract to manage over 50 MW of assets and current customers include utilities, private infrastructure funds, solar developers, hedge funds and publicly traded investment vehicles that are looking for more predictability and improved operating performance for their assets.
The RadianGEN team has deep experience in solar project development, acquisition, finance, operations and management.   The founders have a combined 35 years of experience working with solar and other renewable energy projects.  In their prior executive leadership positions, they raised over $1 billion of capital for solar energy assets and developed, financed, constructed and operated approximately 120 megawatts of solar projects (45 MW distributed generation and 75 MW utility).  RadianGEN’s founders have negotiated and signed over 300 MW of utility scale power purchase agreements and provided advisory technical services to market-leading tax investors and developers for construction management and acquisitions.

RadianGEN is located in San Francisco, California.  



For 125 years, Swinerton’s success has been built on a foundation of shared values. We are a 100% employee-owned company, so our people have a personal interest in the success of every project. With a culture of collaboration, we work toward a common purpose: to be the preferred builder and trusted partner in every market we serve, proudly leading with integrity, passion, and excellence.


American Polywater Corporation has formulated problem solving products for the electrical, telecommunication, power generation and clean energy markets since 1973. Polywater Solar Panel Wash was specifically designed to clean solar panels to maximize power output, leave a spot free rinse without attracting dirt, and will not affect the aluminum rails or components like common soaps that contain alkalines. Other risk mitigation products protect combiner boxes, inverters, transformers and switchgear by stopping moisture, condensation, water, gasses, rodents, snakes and insects from causing costly outages. Repair products for fixing nicked or cut wires and cable pulling lubricants for installing wire.


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Fiera Axium Infrastructure is an independent portfolio management firm dedicated to generating long-term investment returns through investing in core infrastructure assets. The firm combines the capabilities of a group of professionals with extensive infrastructure development and management backgrounds, with the fund management expertise of one of Canada’s leading independent fund managers in Fiera Capital. Its management team comprises infrastructure investment specialists with decades of combined experience acquiring, developing, financing, operating and managing infrastructure assets.