PowerHub is a simple, cloud-based asset management solution designed by and for renewable energy professionals. By intelligently centralizing project information, PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities and insights that have the potential to transform your business.

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EDF Renewable Services is an industry leader, providing O&M services to more than 10.7 gigawatts of wind, solar and biomass projects across North America. With over 28 years of experience, EDF Renewable Services employs 500 people in positions ranging from on-site technicians to control center operators, data analysts and performance engineering.  Asset Administration is the art and science of helping project owners to make the right decisions to optimize the lifecycle performance and profitability of a project. EDF Renewable Services Asset Administration Group brings an owner-operator sensibility to the management oversight of wind and solar projects by managing the projects and their commercial agreements to optimize returns over a project’s lifecycle, ensuring long-term operational performance and profitability.

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First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. With over 10 GW installed worldwide, First Solar has developed, financed, engineered, constructed, and operated some of the world’s largest and most successful PV power plants in existence. When it comes to power plant profitability, First Solar Energy Services offers proven operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions for optimized power plant performance. Focused on Utility Scale O&M and backed by over 5GW of turnkey O&M experience and 11GW of plants under real-time monitoring, First Solar Energy Service’s comprehensive suite of O&M services maximize energy output, reduce maintenance cost, and provide predictable expenses over the life of the contract.

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AlsoEnergy provides customized monitoring and SCADA solutions for PV systems of all sizes and descriptions. Customers get fully integrated turn-key solutions to help increase yield, reduce costs, and save time and money. AlsoEnergy administers over 4 GW of power monitored across more than 12,000 sites worldwide. This company serves a large list of top shelf clients, including prominent national EPCs, investors, and O&M contractors. AlsoEnergy is a privately held company that is independent, profitable, and debt free. Choose from two monitoring software lines: PowerTrack or DECK Monitoring.

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SOLV is redefining the O&M industry. SOLV brings unmatched value to our renewable energy clients. Our EPC experience taught us that a complete solution was needed. SOLV evolved into providing the best service for our customers. SOLV is backed by Swinerton Builders, a 127 year-old construction company. The SOLV solution includes SMART monitoring, data analytics, asset management support, in-field technicians and SCADA platforms providing the best optimization and management solution. Our national in-house SOLV team configures a custom energy plan, analyzes vitals detecting the smallest concerns, and diagnoses plant issues in order to respond with SMARTer solutions. SOLV performance engineers and operations network staff continually monitor owners’ facilities, all with pinpoint accuracy. Plant performance anomalies and system concerns are evaluated in minutes prior to service call deployment.

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SMA America is the U.S.-based subsidiary of global PV leader SMA Solar Technology AG. SMA is a power conversion, energy management and service support provider for residential through utility-scale photovoltaic systems. SMA’s leading range of solar inverters and related technologies spans all power classes and is compatible with all module types, resulting in the largest solutions portfolio in the industry.
SMA is the top-ranked service provider by third-party analysis. SMA’s Solar Asset Management portfolio of services provides developers, EPCs, utilities, and investors with the PV industry’s best financial backstop and long-term plan to maximize system performance. Since launching its plant-wide O&M service in 2013, SMA has been trusted with more than 1GW of commercial and utility contracts.

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Fronius USA LLC, headquartered in Portage, Indiana, is the leader in photovoltaic (PV) system inverters and welding technology. The company is a part of a global network and subsidiary of Fronius International GmbH, headquartered in Wels, Austria. Fronius USA LLC has three divisions: Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging. Through innovation and new technologies, Fronius USA has become the resource for quality service, products and innovations to a growing power electronics industry.

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SolarEdge provides a DC optimized inverter solution comprised of power optimizers, inverters, and a PV monitoring solution. This system enables enhanced energy production, increases visibility for remote O&M and includes SafeDC™ technology.

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Kipp & Zonen is the market leader in solar radiation measurement. We have been manufacturing pyranometers since 1924 and are available at Solar Asset Management to provide you with expert advice on solar monitoring solutions. 

Accurately measuring solar irradiance is the key to finding optimal locations, helping investment decisions, maximising operating efficiency, scheduling maintenance, monitoring performance and improving technology. As the experts, we develop high quality instruments such as the well-known passive CMP and Smart SMP series pyranometers, the CHP 1 and SHP1 pyrheliometer and the SOLYS sun tracker range.

Solar monitoring starts with accurately measuring solar irradiance with Kipp & Zonen sensors.

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As energy demand increases, particularly in the developing world, all forms of electricity generation will be needed in greater quantities. With its inherent environmental benefits and steadily declining costs, solar is poised to intensify as a source of power and economic vitality for nations around the world. Via insight and expertise, Hatch is an engineering, consulting, and project and construction management firm. Our Solar Power group adds value by assessing existing and potential solar projects and reporting the truth, through which stakeholders can then identify and capitalize on viable opportunities in this dynamic sector. Hatch deploys the services and resources needed to provide our many clients with a safe and cost effective project from the initial assessment and the concept through to implementation of the project and operational support after the solar project is successfully commissioned.

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DNV GL is a leading global energy and renewables consultancy, and independent testing authority. With a 150-year heritage in the power sector, the company’s services span the entire spectrum from policy to use including: renewables, energy efficiency, power generation, T&D and energy-related testing, inspection and certification.  Its customers include household names in production, supply and end-use of energy, as well as manufacturers, financiers, governments and corporations.  DNV GL operates the world’s largest short-circuit laboratory and a state-of-the-art Energy Storage Test and Commercialization Center.

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Meteocontrol is one of the leading providers of professional remote monitoring and controlling of PV systems – more than 40,000 solar plants with a gross performance of 10.7 GWp are monitored by meteocontrol systems. The company has supported solar projects for more than 30 years and develops and markets services and products in the energy and weather data management areas. Investors, operation managers, project developers and operators of PV systems benefit from these services and products.

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Huawei, a leading global information and communication technology solutions provider, is committed to creating maximum value for customers, with products and solutions deployed in over 170 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population. Combining digital information technology, Internet technology and PV generation technology, Huawei provides innovative FusionSolar Smart PV solution and inverters with a wide application in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, etc.
FusionSolar Smart PV solution is to take the whole PV plant as a total product and make improvement throughout the whole process, from the PV plant construction to maintenance. It can optimize initial investment, reduce maintenance costs, increase power generation and finally increase IRR.
Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV solution, featured as “Higher yields, Smart O&M, Safe and Reliable” will finally maximize value for PV plant owners or maintenance customers.

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Soltec is a leading solar tracker manufacturer. Soltec specializes in the manufacturing of single-axis solar trackers with projects totaling more than 1GW. Soltec’s SF Utility Single Axis Tracker is UL 3703 certified and offers customers the maximum electricity output and full land adaptability with lower planning and installation costs.
The company has manufacturing facilities and offices in Spain, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Peru and United States. 

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Alion Energy’s robotic installation technology and construction industry best practices can build, local, utility scale solar plants twice as fast and with less than half the labor. We can maximize energy yield with automated cleaning solutions, established installation techniques and proven construction materials utilizing local concrete and our proprietary spot cleaning robot technology.  Alion Energy provides the lowest solar LCOE while building local, utility scale projects faster and for a lower cost, while producing more energy yield than standard fixed-tilt projects.  Generate higher returns with the lowest cost of power in the industry.

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Travelers provides specialized insurance coverage to solar businesses engaged at all stages of the solar lifecycle, from research and development to manufacturing, construction and permanent operations. Businesses can get ahead of their risks by collaborating with Travelers and their independent agent or broker.

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Nautilus Solar offers a full suite of ownership services required to successfully meet and exceed project performance expectations. We provide Integrated Asset Management services to utility and distributed generation (DG) solar PV facilities across major North American markets.
Every solar installation is different – from brackets, PV and maintenance to financing, asset management and Renewable Energy Credits (REC). That’s why Nautilus doesn’t apply the same cookie cutter approach to your assets. We develop a custom plan to deliver what makes the best business sense for you.  Nautilus’s Integrated Asset Management solutions allow you to focus on your core business instead of the day-to-day management of the systems.  All owners require a core set of services, but depending on the project, there are more complex and sophisticated services that may be needed. Nautilus will tailor the right solutions to fit those needs.
In addition, Nautilus’s Asset Management Software provides customers a platform of tools for accessing solar system operational and financial performance data while serving as an online data room for all solar asset management activity, reports, project records, and contracts.

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Founded in 2004, Bay4 Energy Services, LLC optimizes the value of energy assets for owners and operators of energy production facilities by providing best in class services and tools. These services and tools, covering portfolio and asset management, O&M (preventative and corrective), O&M Management, and Asset Management, are designed to optimize performance, manage risks, and monitor costs associated with energy facilities. The backbone of Bay4’s portfolio management system is a fully automated proprietary software platform that gathers production and environmental data directly from each facility’s Data Acquisition System. Bay4 concentrates on the essential aspects of efficiently managing energy projects for owners and operators, and seamlessly delivers a secure and reliable database of information specific to their needs. Bay4 currently operates and manages energy assets for owner operators, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, state governments, the Federal government and utilities.

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Clean Power Research is powering the energy transformation by making cutting-edge processes and approaches widely available through web-based software services. Using SolarAnywhere®, the industry’s most trusted satellite-derived irradiance data and PV simulations, third-party owners can efficiently monitor and assess performance of residential and commercial PV fleets with high-accuracy and granularity. Model individual systems in a fleet (up to tens of thousands), and measure performance against weather-normalized expectations in near real-time. Build investor confidence with knowledge of underlying weather impacts on performance, reduce O&M costs by diagnosing system performance problems, and empower service technicians and customer support with system-specific weather conditions.

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DuPont is the leading specialty materials supplier to the solar energy industry, with advanced materials including Solamet® photovoltaic metallization pastes and Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride films that help improve the power output, durability and return on investments for solar energy systems. What goes into your solar panels determines what you get out of them: Materials Matter™.

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Inaccess provides monitoring and control solutions for the renewable energy and telecom infrastructure management. The company designs and develops state-of-the-art products and solutions, which provide their partners with invaluable access to information, enabling them to maximize effectiveness of their investments through performance optimization and OPEX reduction. Inaccess currently monitors more than 1600 utility-scale PV plants worldwide exceeding 3 GW of installed capacity. With headquarters in London, UK and presence in Europe, North America and Asia, Inaccess aims at becoming the leading global vendor of converged infrastructure monitoring platforms, by constantly being at the forefront of industry evolution.

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GreenPowerMonitor is currently the independent leader in monitoring, control and asset management of PV systems. GPM has a great deal of experience, with more than 4.5GW under management and more than 1,700 renewable energy plants ranging from 2 kW to 266 MW capacity across the globe. GPM creates industry-leading solutions to manage and control PV assets at both the global and individual level in real-time. GreenPowerMonitor operates worldwide: in Europe (Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Portugal and Greece), North Africa (Morocco), Middle-East, the Americas (U.S., Mexico and Chile), and Asia (India, Thailand and Japan).

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Taiyo Yuden has been developing power supply and measurement electronic components since 1950. With unbeatable expertise in Wireless communications it blends the technologies together to create Wireless monitoring and data collection for Renewable Energy. With particular emphasis in String Monitoring and a wireless backhaul, older installations can be monitored for lifetime usage and gradual swap out, as well as new installations can be monitored to ensure maximum efficiency. Having the ability to integrate with any monitoring system or stand-alone, Taiyo Yuden can give you Information at your fingertips helping to ensure bankable installations.

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Solar Data Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of Solar-Log®, a web-enabled monitoring system for photovoltaic (PV) plants. Solar-Log® is celebrating 10 years as a global market leader, with over 235,000 plants monitored globally, through nearly 1 million connected inverters, with generating power totaling over 10 GW. The Solar-Log® product family monitors plant performance, tracks local weather data, provides real-time error detection, delivers automatic status information, and offers revenue-grade metering for incentive reporting. This industry-leading functionality allows Solar-Log® to maximize plant performance and increase return on investment for PV plant owners. Solar Data Systems, Inc. is fully owned subsidiary of Solare Datensysteme GmbH, based in Binsdorf, Germany.

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Campbell Scientific Inc. offers operational MET, solar resource assessment, and PV performance testing components and complete systems. Our stations are designed using best-practice methodologies to meet common industry standards and deliver the highest quality solar resource data.
Standard, off-the-shelf, MET stations require no programming, are simple to install and maintain and are available within days of order. 
Our solar MET engineers work closely with the client to design tailored measurement and control stations, advanced research and development stations, and application programming interfaces for data collection.
With every component or system comes world class technical support for the life of the product, at no additional cost.
Campbell Scientific Inc. is known worldwide for its innovative and rugged measurement and control instrumentation. CSI dataloggers and data acquisition systems are trusted in environmental, research, and industrial markets when data reliability and quality are critical.

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3megawatt provides software, methodology and support for solar asset management. 3megawatt's BluePoint web-based software offers a complete set of tools for solar portfolio management all in one platform. The BluePoint platform reduces operational risk and helps asset managers to manage their solar portfolios more effectively. BluePoint is currently used to manage over 3GW of operational solar assets worldwide distributed over more than 1,300 solar sites.

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Harness the power of the sun with QOS’s solar monitoring software.
QOS Energy is a software vendor specialised in energy information systems. QOS Energy develops Qantum®, a solar monitoring software and O&M management platform.
Qantum® help solar professionals maximise the performance of more than 1.5 GW of renewable power worldwide.  Qantum® is an open and flexible solar monitoring platform which comes as standard with a wide range of features to monitor large portfolios, analyse plants’ performance and streamline O&M workflows.  Qantum® is compatible with all hardware manufacturers (data loggers,  inverters,  SCADA).
Deliver extra returns with Qantum® solar monitoring solution.

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Hukseflux is global technology leader and major supplier of solar radiometers (sensors) to the solar energy industry. Revered for our reliability, measurement accuracy and worldwide customer support, Hukseflux offers a diverse range of First Class pyrheliometers and a pyranometer line spanning the entire ISO-9060 classification range: Second Class, First Class and our performance validated Secondary Standard pyranometer line. Our pyranometer line features both analog and digital models, offering maximum application and system compatibility..

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ISO-CAL North America is a one-stop solar radiometer calibration service provider, capable of calibrating virtually any make and model pyranometer, pyrheliometer, global UV sensor and more, in accordance with the latest ASTM and ISO calibration standards. The extensive capabilities of our laboratory include both indoor and outdoor calibration services. Our indoors pyranometer calibration facility enables fast turnaround times regardless local weather conditions, while also replicating the manufacturer’s original post production calibration process. Our reference instruments include both Primary and Secondary reference sensors (WRR traceable) of various makes and model type, ensuring the lowest calibration uncertainty possible. Our outdoors calibration capability is designed to accommodate larger sensor returns, > 100 pyranometers at a time. Small or large, ISO-CAL North America can meet your solar radiometer calibration requirement at reasonable price.

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UKC Holdings is the leading company in providing semiconductor/electronic components in Japan and globally and it has started the commitment in renewable energy industry by supplying inverters and PV modules to customers. Since 2015, Dust Detection System (DDS), the soiling loss monitoring solution for Solar Farm O&M, has been included for further engagement.
DDS offers the real-time monitoring of dust impact on PV module power loss and in further indicates the optimized cleaning timing for additional revenue boost. Our customers can access and manage all the data through DDS WEB SERVICES 24/7 anywhere. Over 40 DDS units have been chosen by our valued customers as the monitoring solution for PV module performance and soiling loss .The plug-and-play hardware with one-stop web based monitoring interface offers you the best solution to manage solar assets from regionally into globally.

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Locus Energy is a solar monitoring and data analytics platform provider for the solar photovoltaic (PV) market spanning the residential, commercial, and utility sectors, with over 75,000 systems deployed across North America. Locus Energy’s cloud-based software aggregates, organizes, and analyzes performance data from multiple sources, making it easier to access, manage, and identify the causes of a solar system’s failure to meet performance expectations. With a deep intellectual property portfolio, Locus Energy provides many of the largest utilities, capital providers, equipment manufacturers, and asset managers with sophisticated software to track performance across large portfolios of solar installations. Locus Energy’s corporate headquarters are in Hoboken, NJ, and its technology headquarters are in San Francisco, CA. Locus Energy is an affiliate of Genscape, the premier global commodity and energy information Services Company.

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GridSME is a strategic consulting firm based in Folsom, CA, representing a diverse group of talent-ed utility industry experts. Our subject matter experts’ (SME) collective experience creates a robust net-work behind each of our engagements to ensure every client is covered with relevant expertise. Our SME teams assist clients by leveraging their diverse skill-sets, always striving to help facilitate change in this ever evolving industry. Through industry expertise and careful collaboration, we pride ourselves on advising our clients on a wide range of business practice.

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We manufacture products to improve your electrical reliability and risk mitigation performance for your clean energy electrical systems. Solar Panel Wash cleans your panels to improve their output performance and leaves an antistatic finish to repel dirt without damaging aluminum rails, mastics and silicone adhesives. Using Polywater Solar Panel Wash makes cleaning your panels easier and helps to lengthen the life your panels when you schedule regular cleaning of the panels. FST foam duct sealant protects inverters and combiners by keeping water, gasses and rodents from entering critical control boxes. Polywater InstaGrout seals transformer and control pad window bases so that rodents, snakes and insects don't cause costly outages. Other products include specialty cleaners for preparing surfaces for improved adhering of mastics and tapes, medium-voltage splice kits and cable pulling lubricants for installing specialty wires and cables.

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Diaspark is a leading CMMI level 5 software services company with team of 750+ software professionals and over two decades of global business experience. Diaspark offers Diaspark Energy- a comprehensive O&M, Asset Management and Analytics software platform. Diaspark Energy addresses software needs of PV business including a full-fledged NOC, inventory management, precise analytics, and performance comparison dashboards. Currently managing 400 commercial plants,  4000 residential installations and 450+ MW, Diaspark Energy can integrate well with your existing systems and can be customized to suit your particular needs.

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Heliolytics provides proprietary aerial Module Level Thermal Audit (MLTA) technology to provide third-party asset optimization and risk mitigation services for Commercial, Industrial and Utility  PV installations worldwide.  Our advanced sensors and analytics capability  pinpoint DC availability faults and deliver actionable information to increase system performance and decrease technical and warranty risk, at a higher accuracy and lower cost than traditional string testing techniques. Our services decrease site labor requirements and costs by ensuring that technicians are deployed to fix problems, not to search for them.  
Heliolytics operates internationally for some of the largest project owners, asset managers, EPC, O&M providers, banks, and module manufacturers and brings its international experience to the optimization of PV assets.

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Big Data for Business Solutions is a new disrupting provider of Operations and Maintenance Auditing and Recommendation services, based on predictive analytics baked by Monitoring and enriched with external data. The service is designed for facility owners and investors that want to minimize the risk of meeting the initial revenue plans.

We do provide recommendations and reports that allow Asset Managers to optimize the O&M activities in a way that maximizes revenue by increasing the energy production of the plant. This reduces the risk and increases the profitability of the project. We don’t stop there but we also follow up the implementation of the tasks and if necessary we launch escalation processes to make sure they are implemented.

Though the usage of historical, real-time and external data, a model of the plant is generated, taking in to account engineering and financial information, to produce recommendations and meaningful reports for single or multiple facilities, leveraging our knowledge of the photovoltaic operations and maintenance worldwide.

We have a unique solution that connects to the current SCADA systems and ingesting the data to our analytics platform, minimizing the implementation costs.

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Vaisala is a global weather expert with an integrated suite of measurement, assessment, forecasting, and asset management products and services for the renewable energy industry. We help clients around the world fully understand weather risks and their impact on energy production and operations. Vaisala 3TIER Services was the first to develop a high-resolution global solar dataset and remains a leader in the sector, providing bankable solar solutions from prospecting through due diligence and operations. Experienced and trusted, our team has helped secure over $10 billion in public and private project financing and loan guarantees for solar developers, including many of the world's largest projects.  

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Certrec Corporation is dedicated to regulatory compliance exclusively and has been since we started in 1988. We believe our experienced team’s approach is the key to our successful client programs as well as our growing NERC practice.  Our philosophy is conservative when approaching NERC compliance. One size does not fit all in our industry. A “standardized” approach to NERC compliance using a software application or cookie cutter templates does not result in successful NERC compliance programs. Our industry is comprised of customized systems, talented individuals, and unique corporate cultures. Newcomers to the workforce, extensive experience retiring, technological obsolescence, plus new (sometimes fledgling) technologies all need to be incorporated into this regulatory framework. As the regulators often mention – NERC compliance must be “baked in” not bolted on to an organization.  We assist in establishing a robust NERC compliance program as well as a potent corporate culture in addressing the many industry dynamics mentioned previously. The end result is a robust Bulk Electric System. 

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Power Factors delivers independent network operations center (NOC) services to the solar power marketplace built on the world’s leading software platforms: OSIsoft, Salesforce and Microsoft. Power Factors equips solar power owners and operators with real-time monitoring, reporting and asset management tools in a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery platform. This managed service comes complete with all setup, configuration, support and maintenance performed and managed by experienced IT and power system professionals. Power Factors supports over 4 GW of installed capacity throughout North American and is expanding our footprint into Europe, South America and Asia. Power Factors integrated performance and asset management solution is event-driven and highly scalable. The OSIsoft PI data backbone can process hundreds of thousands of events per second and multiple instances of data servers can be spooled up to provided unlimited throughput and capacity. Power Factors provides the industry’s only truly scalable and robust data platform for building your plant operations business requirements upon.


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