Complimentary White Papers

In preparation of our 5th Solar Asset Management North America conference, we've released three complimentary whitepapers on important issues and innovations in the solar asset management field:
Artificial Intelligence; Soiling; and Cybersecurity. 

Current & Future Artificial Intelligence Applications

The latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have ushered a new era driven by automation. If the mantra of solar is that “The fuel is free; let’s reduce other costs”, artificial intelligence powered solutions can be the holy grail solar has been seeking. Learn more about the current implications and uses of AI in the solar industry.

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Soiling: origins, measurements, analysis & solutions

Many elements determine the optimum output in a PV module, one of which is the concept of soiling. Soiling occurs as a result of dirt, dust and other particles covering the surface of the PV panels. Although soiling cannot be prevented, its negative effects can be mitigated by dint of deploying dust-repellent agents and instruments. This complimentary white paper provides an overview of the current knowledge and practices around soiling. 

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Peril of Smart Solar and Cybersecurity Measures

This complimentary 10-page white paper provides a brief, yet comprehensive overview of the phenomenon of cyberattacks & cybersecurity in the energy sector, the implications and considerations for asset managers and the current practices and research regarding cybersecurity measures.

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PARTNER CONTENT: Aerial inspections for solar asset optimization
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This complimentary 10-page white paper outlines the fundamentals of aerial inspection technologies, reviews operational results from over 6GW of projects globally, and outlines methodologies for integrating these tools into the operational plan for a PV project.

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