White Paper /// Making Solar Smarter: Current & Future Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increasingly become the hype and hope of this tech-driven age with Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) at its very foundation. More and more of today’s interactions are powered by AI, from the gadgets we use to the cars we drive. In addition, AI has had an immense impact on how natural resources such as energy, food and water, are sourced and delivered, amongst them the energy generated by the rays of sunshine. Although the integration of the energy industry and artificial intelligence is still very much in its infancy, their synergy has the potential to radically revolutionise the existing power generation practices across the globe. The rapid advancements in ML, data processing, IoT and further expansion of sensor markets are among some of the main contributing factors in realising the true promise of AI. If the mantra of solar is that “The fuel is free; let’s reduce other costs”, artificial intelligence powered solutions can be the holy grail solar has been seeking. 

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